Picture Frame Buying Guide

How to Buy a Picture Frame


Whatever space you are looking at, be it in your place of work, in your school locker, your bedroom, your living room, or any area in your house, there is one thing that adds personality to it – your photos.


Personal pictures set in beautiful frames give any space, especially your home, a welcoming atmosphere. It provides a house with a pleasant ambiance. It gives off the impression that actual people are living in this place. They are happy and loving people, and they give importance to their moments together to have captured them in photos.


When people move from place to place, one of the most important things that they bring with them are pictures in frames. Somehow, even if you now live on the other side of the world, when you set down the same photos that you had back home, this new place becomes your new home.


This reality is why a lot of homeowners give focus on producing excellent pictures and setting them in beautiful frames. It's just a fantastic feeling to be able to snap memories into a tiny package that you can look back to whenever you see them on the wall, or at the top of your furniture.


Choosing the perfect picture frames for your photos is a task that you must give attention to. You have the option to personalize them to suit your overall interior design. If you are after a modern feel, you can use classic colors like black and white. On the other hand, if you want a rustic countryside theme, you can employ wooden frames. It's all up to you.


Here is some information that can help you choose your picture frames, as well as the right frame size for your photos.


Choosing Your Frame Style

There are factors that you must consider when picking out your type of frame. First, you have to know the size of the photo that you are going to put on your frame. Also, some structures have extra space on the edges for the mounting, and it will add to the total size of your frame. Lastly, decide on the design of the structure to fit the theme that you like. The following are several types of frames that you can choose from.


  • Poster Frame

People who have large photos typically use glue, tape, or any adhesive to put them up on the wall. However, a better option will be to use a poster-sized picture frame. It will make your image pop and will give it a high-quality finish. This option will also avoid putting damage on your wall from sticky resins.


These poster frames come in various widths, so make sure to pick one that makes your picture stand out.


  • Shadow Box Frame

Shadowbox frames are also relatively broad and deep such that they are suitable for displaying not just photos, but memorabilia like buttons, sports medals, badges, pins, wedding emblems, and other similar items. You can be as creative as you wish in how you present them on your shadow box. You have to make sure that your shadow box frame is deep enough such that your items do not press up on the glass.


  • Decorative Frame

Decorative frames are those that brandish designs, words, pictures, and sometimes even 3D elements, to make the structure leap out. If you want to have a unified theme for your photo and your frame, you can take time searching for something that will connect them.


For instance, if you have a picture of your family on the beach, you can choose a decorative frame that features seashells, coconut trees, and the sun. Another idea is to pick a structure that has party hats, a cake and balloons if you have a photo from a birthday party. You can have your pick from a lot of options in the shops today.


  • Collage Frame

If you feel that one photo is not enough to de displayed, then a collage frame is a good pick for you. This type features several places on the frame where you can put multiple images. This frame is perfect for photos taken from an event in your life, such as a graduation ceremony, a birthday party, a wedding, or any other special moment with a planned photo shoot.  The pictures will look fantastic when laid out together in a frame. You don’t have to pick just one picture to flaunt. You can choose several of your favorites.


  • Standard Frame

Standard frames come as simple as they can, intending not to take away attention from the picture inside it. They usually come in one solid color, it may not just be black or silver but other ones too. Some are even in bright hues, so you can have your fun mixing and matching. This option, of course, depends on your preference and overall design. There are various shapes and sizes, as well.  The general idea is to enhance the overall appearance of your pictures.


Choosing Your Frame Size

It is essential to know the dimensions of the photos that you want to be mounted on frames to ensure that they will be a perfect match. It will be challenging to have to deal with a mismatch on the size. Although it's relatively easy to return incorrectly bought items to replace them with the right ones, we can avoid the hassle if we are precise about our photo dimensions.


To measure your photos, you have to lay them flat on a smooth surface and measure the width and length of your picture in inches. Take note of this when you go out and buy your frames.


You may think that it's challenging to find the frame size that will fit, and you have to bring your photos with you to make sure. Although that's a great idea, you can also find guidance in the standard photo sizes below. You can also talk to the establishment that prints out your photos for specific standard sizes for your pictures to match your frame requirements.


  • 4 x 6 Photo Frames

This size is the most common for pictures. It's a great size for all types of images, such as family photos, a group of friends, event pictures, and even abstract art. This size is the standard for most photo albums, so it's quite the popular size for those who have their photographs printed out in photoshops.


If your picture is 4 x 6, however, you need a photo frame that is a bit larger such that the photo will nestle comfortably inside and will not be crumpled or be too loose. If you want to add matting to your picture frame, then you can opt for even bigger frame size.


  • 5 x 7 Photo Frames

This frame is the next size to 4 x 6 picture frames and is suitable for photos that feature a single image that you can focus on in the photo. It's more significant than the previous size to achieve more considerable attention to the person in the picture.


This photo size will fit in most frames and how much bigger will only depend on the amount of matting that you want to add to your picture.


  • 8 x 10 Photo Frames

This photo frame is quite more significant than the previous ones and is perfect for showcasing group portraits and big family pictures. For instance, if you or your child recently had a graduation ceremony and took a picture with batchmates, this is the size that will adequately show off their beautiful faces because of its big size. You can hang it on the wall for you, your family and friends, or your guests to see.

Several frames will fit 8 x 10 photos, and you can choose a narrow or wide look, depending on your preference.


  • 16 x 20 Photo Frames

This size is big enough to be considered a small poster. If you are planning to have your pictures blown up to this size, make sure that their resolution is high not to pixelate or get blurry when made more prominent. You can pick this size for pictures that you want to showcase in your family events or big parties. If you plan to use this at home, then consider the available space in the room where you are going to put it up.  


  • 20 x 30 Photo Frames

The average poster's size is 24 x 36, and this is one of the sizes closest to it.  If you plan to have your photo printed out this size and mounted on a same-sized frame, then your picture will most definitely catch attention. People use this size for paintings, or real images of oceans, and other landscape and picturesque images.


  • 22 x 32 Photo Frames

This size is more significant than some posters and will not require additional matting for it to pop out. Just make sure that you use a photo frame large enough to fit your image.


Final Words

Choosing the right type of frame and size for your precious photos will mean the world to you and your family. It will create the perfect atmosphere inside your home, or in a place where you gather with family and friends and will ensure that you all appreciate the memories that pictures bring, especially when they are set exquisitely in fantastic frames.