5 Best Leather Recliners for Tall Man

When looking for a leather recliner for a tall man, it's important to consider the seat height, seat depth, back height, footrest extension, reclining angle, weight capacity, and the size of the chair. Here are some of the best recliners for a tall man on the market.

Buying Guide

Tall men, are you tired of constantly battling discomfort and unsightly dangle of your feet from traditional recliners? You are not alone. In fact, according to research, men over 6'2" make up nearly 25% of the population in the USA. And with an increase in height, comes an increase in difficulty in finding the right fit furniture, especially recliners. 


The good news is, finding a comfortable and stylish leather recliner that accommodates taller men doesn't have to be an impossible task. In this guide, we will guide you to finding the perfect recliner, from measuring and size considerations to a look at the leather quality to make sure you can sit in style, and comfort. Let's get started!


What is Considered Tall for a Man?

The average height for a man in the United States is around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), so a height of 6 feet or above is generally considered tall for a man. 

What Size Recliner for Tall Man?

When searching for a recliner for a tall man, it's necessary to consider the following factors:


  • - Seat height

A seat height of at least 20 inches is needed for a tall man to ensure their feet can rest comfortably on the ground.


  • - Seat depth

A seat depth of at least 22 inches is required to ensure that tall people can fully recline in the chair without their legs hanging over the edge.


  • - Back height

A back height of at least 32 inches is crucial to support a tall individual's head and neck.


  • - Footrest extension

Look for recliners that offer an extended footrest that can accommodate a tall person's legs without cutting off circulation.


  • - Reclining angle

Look for recliners that recline at a steeper angle, as this will provide more space for the legs of a tall person.


  • - Weight capacity

Look for a chair that can hold a weight capacity of at least 300 lbs, which should accommodate most tall people.


  • - Size of the recliner

Look for recliners with a larger size, such as those measuring around 33.9"D x 37.4" W x 43.1"H or more, these will provide more room for tall individuals to sit comfortably.


Types of Recliners for Tall Man

Here are a few different types of recliners that are suitable for taller men:


  • Recliners with higher backrests

These recliners have taller backrests than regular recliners, providing better support for taller individuals' backs and shoulders. They also usually have longer seat cushions, which makes them a good option for taller men.


  • Recliners with adjustable leg supports

These recliners have leg supports that can be adjusted to different positions, providing more room for your legs. They are perfect for taller men who want to stretch out and relax.


  • Recliners with lift feature

The lift recliners have a mechanism that allows the chair to be raised from the base, providing more room for your legs, and making it easier for you to stand up.


  • Recliners designed for taller individuals

These recliners are specifically designed for taller men and women, with higher backrests and longer seat cushions. They are a great option if you are looking for a recliner that will fit you well.


Why Leather Recliner is a Good Choice for Taller Men?

Leather is a great choice for taller men when it comes to recliners for some reasons.


  • Durability

Leather is a strong and durable material that can withstand regular use. It's resistant to wear and tear and can last for many years with proper care. It makes leather the right choice for taller men who need a recliner that can hold up to their weight and size.


  • Support

Leather recliners provide good support for the body. It conforms to the shape of the body providing comfort and support. The thickness of the leather is essential and a thicker material provides better support and durability.


  • Style

Leather recliners are known for their classic, timeless style that can elevate the look of any room. They come in a variety of colors and styles, from traditional to modern, making it easy to find one that suits your taste.


  • Easy maintenance

Leather is relatively easy to maintain compared to other materials. It only requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep it in good condition. It is necessary for taller men who need a recliner that can withstand constant use.


  • Comfort

Leather is naturally warm to the touch, and it becomes more comfortable over time as it molds to the shape of your body.


How to Determine The Quality of Leather

When it comes to determining the quality of leather for a recliner, there are a few things to look for:


  • Thickness

Leather thickness is measured in ounces, and the higher the number, the thicker the leather. A thicker leather will be more durable and supportive than thinner leather.


  • Suppleness

Leather suppleness refers to how flexible and pliable the leather is. High-quality leather will be soft to the touch and will have a nice drape to it, while low-quality leather may feel stiff and brittle.


  • Grading system

Leather can be graded in several ways such as full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, and bonded leather. Full-grain leather is the highest quality, the most durable, and will have the best patina over time.


  • Look and feel

Observe and touch the leather, if it feels hard and stiff, or if it has a plastic feel, it's likely, not high-quality leather. High-quality leather should feel soft and supple to the touch and have a natural look and feel.


  • Brand reputation

Look for brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality leather recliners. These brands will use only the best materials and construction techniques, resulting in a recliner that is both comfortable and durable.


Different Styles of Leather Recliners

There are several different styles of leather recliners available on the market, each with its unique look and feel. Here are some of the most popular styles to choose from:


  • Traditional

Traditional leather recliners have a classic, timeless look that is reminiscent of the old-fashioned recliners of the past. They typically have a wingback design, deep button-tufting, and ornate details.


  • Contemporary

Contemporary leather recliners have a modern, sleek look that is characterized by clean lines, minimal design, and simple forms. They often feature a simple, geometric design and are available in a variety of colors and textures.


  • Modern

Modern leather recliners are defined by their contemporary design and use of bold colors and patterns. They often feature clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, along with geometric shapes and bold colors.


  • Transitional

Transitional leather recliners are a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. They feature clean lines, subtle details, and more neutral colors, and feature versatile designs to match any interior.


  • Rustic

Rustic leather recliners have a rugged, natural look, inspired by the colors and textures of the outdoors. They are often made from full-grain leather and have a distressed, rough finish to give a rustic feel.


How to Measure for a Recliner

Measuring for a recliner is an essential step in finding the right fit for taller men. It's important to take accurate measurements to ensure a comfortable and stylish fit. Here's what you need to know:


1. Seat height and width

Start by measuring the height of the seat from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. It is vital to find a recliner with a seat height of at least 20 inches. It will give you enough room to sit comfortably without your legs hanging off the edge. Next, measure the width of the seat to make sure it's wide enough to accommodate your hips and thighs.


2. Backrest height

Measure the height of the backrest from the seat to the top of the backrest. It is important because a higher backrest will provide better support for your back and shoulders. Aim for a backrest that is at least 28 inches high.


3. Length of the recliner

Measure the length of the recliner from the front of the seat to the end of the footrest. It will ensure that the recliner is long enough for you to stretch out and relax. You'll want to look for a recliner with a longer footrest or adjustable leg supports, which will give you more room for your legs.


Measuring Room Space for a Recliner

Measuring room space and considering the size of the recliner within that space is an important step in finding the right fit for taller men. It's not just about finding a recliner that will accommodate your height but also making sure it will fit comfortably in your living space. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Measure the space

Before you start looking for a recliner, measure the space you have in your room. It will give you a better idea of the size of the recliner you can accommodate and help you to narrow down your options.


  • Consider placement

Think about where you want to place the recliner in the room. You'll want to make sure there is enough space around the recliner for you to easily move around and for other furniture to be placed. Also, think about the path of foot traffic and make sure the recliner will not be an obstruction.


  • Look at the recliner dimensions

When looking at recliners, pay attention to their dimensions and compare them to the space you have available. Make sure you have enough room for the recliner and that it will fit comfortably in the room.


  • Measure the recliner's footprint

Take into account the recliner's footprint when it's fully extended and reclined. This is important to make sure it will not take up too much space in the room and also you will be able to extend and recline without any obstruction.

Remember style of the room also plays a role in selecting the perfect recliner. Think about the style and color of your existing furniture and how you want the new recliner to fit in with that.

By considering these tips and measuring your room space, you can ensure that you will find a comfortable and stylish leather recliner that fits well in your room and also fits your taller frame.


Finding a leather recliner that fits a taller man can be challenging, but with a bit of research, you can find one that is both comfortable and stylish. Remember to measure both yourself and the room where you will place the recliner, take note of the various styles and types of recliners that are suitable for taller men, and focus on quality when choosing a leather recliner. By following these tips and guidelines, you can be sure to find a leather recliner that will be a perfect fit for both your height and living space.